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Welcome to My Wealth Estate!

My Wealth Estate is an independently owned Australian company and has been recognised by our clients and peers as leaders in premium land development, Project Management and Investment Consulting. We are renowned for our unwavering attention to detail and high standards of customer service and working in conjunction with the private sector to produce quality developments.

Our Directors come from a decade’s professional background of Investment Advisory, Funds Management, Risk Management and Project Management.

Our Premium Project partners in development and construction come with a combined expertise of decades of expertise delivering quality in timely fashion.

Our development partners have a proven track record of success and timely delivery of our property projects in last 50 years. We work with clients to achieve the best outcome.

Our Investor syndicates have enjoyed returns ranging between 10% to 55% in various projects.

My Wealth developments and Investments reflects personalities, lifestyles and desires of our client. Our clients constitute the whole sale investors, companies and Trusts.

Located in Melbourne, our team has a collective goal to assist our clients by any means possible, whether it be through expert property investing advice, or property development, where we identify and develop in the city’s most promising capital growth areas.

Our team consists of property specialists with an abundance of industry experience, who not only recommend investment opportunities, but are simultaneously developing and investing in the projects themselves. Hence we provide you with an exceptionally high level of project transparency and competence, from our research through to delivering a high rate of return.