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“Greenfielding” is the process of re-zoning and developing rural/farm land specifically marked for residential or commercial use.
Greenfielding is suitable for investors looking to purchase wholesale residential blocks at prices well below market value, helping them to meet medium-to-long-term goals such as paying off their mortgage sooner or building their nest egg through property.


Mywealth Estates Development Trust allows our community to give investors the opportunity to be part of a managed property development.
Our Development Trusts are suitable for investors looking for shorter-term capital growth or wholesale property at a significant discount to market in order to meet goals such as paying off their mortgage sooner or building their nest egg through property.


Our Income Fund gives investors the opportunity to invest in secured mortgages over assets that are able to be developed, allowing them to receive an income from their funds.

The My Wealth Estates Income Fund is suitable for investors looking for better-than-market returns or to create a passive income using their investment funds, allowing them to grow the value of their nest egg over time.


An off-the-plan property is land or property purchased prior to title. The purchaser is the first retail owner of the property, usually a townhouse, apartment or house and land package.
Through our development projects, My Wealth Estates and our development community provide off-the-plan land and property opportunities for retail purchasers and investors. Off-the-plan property can be slightly more attractive to investors because the purchase is made before title, meaning a reduced stamp duty on the un-developed value. Our My Wealth Estates team will help you navigate through correct protocol.


As opposed to off-the-plan property, retail property is on-sold in the retail market with a title already in place.
A retail property is available to all potential buyers and is the typical way that non-developers purchase and invest in the property market. Investors in a retail property are generally reliant on long-term capital growth rather than value creation through the development process to recover their purchase costs and achieve a return.


Meet your financial goals through investments at true wholesale prices. Greenfielding can help you purchase residential land at up to 30% below current market prices.